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Performing nDepth searches in LEM

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You can use the nDepth search engine to locate event data or log messages that pass through a particular manager. You can use nDepth to conduct custom searches, investigate your search results with a graphical tools, investigate event data in other explorers, and take action on your results.

  1. Open the Explore view.
  2. In the Filters pane, select a filter.
  3. Locate an event in the event grid you want to research.
  4. Click Pause to stop the event feed.
  5. Select the event in the grid.
  6. Click the Explore drop-down menu and select nDepth.

    The nDepth screen appears, displaying your results.

In the nDepth screen, you can narrow or widen your search timeline using the nDepth histogram. After you establish your search timeline, click a tool in the nDepth toolbar to review your results. These tools include:

See nDepth search engine for additional information.


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13:55, 24 Mar 2017