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Ops Center view in the LEM console

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Updated Feb 21, 2017


In this section:

The Ops Center displays and manages widgets.

Each widget represents a high-level graphical view of specific network activity.

Widgets are designed to present important high-level information in easy-to-read graphical formats, such as charts and graphs. Widgets are filter-driven, using the data source for the graphical representation displayed in the widget. Widgets also appear in the Monitor tab so you can view graphical views of your filters along with their grid-based views.

You can select from a library of commonly used widgets, or you can create your own widgets. You can also add or remove widgets, edit existing widgets, or resize, refresh, and rearrange widgets to meet your personal preferences. You can also resize widgets, but they are limited to certain sizes and aspect ratios to keep the Ops Center tidy and organized.

To get started, click the appropriate widget. Review the ToolTips for details about your widget or use the control options on the toolbar to change the widget setting display format.



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