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Introduction to LEM

Updated March 11th, 2016


SolarWinds Log and Event Manager (LEM) Reports is a separate application from the LEM Web console. Reports allows you to select which Manager you want to report on, select the reports to run, and schedule when you want to run the reports. The system then automatically generates the reports according to your schedule and settings.

Create LEM Reports with different levels of data and graphics, using master reports, detailed reports, and top-level reports. Export reports to formats such as Crystal Reports, .Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, and HTML.

Key Reports functions

The following figure shows where to find key Reports functions.


The following table explains these Reports functions.

Item Name Description


Menu Button

Click the Menu button to open, save, or print a report, and to see everything else you can do with a report. This button has a similar function to the File menu used by earlier Windows programs.


Quick Access toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar. It contains a set of commands that are independent of the tab that is currently displayed. You can customize the toolbar by adding buttons for the commands you use most often, and you can move the toolbar to two different locations.



The Ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups that are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as running and scheduling reports, or viewing and printing reports. To save space, you can minimize the Ribbon, showing only the tabs.


Settings tab

Use the commands on this tab to choose the reports you want to run, open, and schedule, and to configure reports and the reports’ data source settings.


View tab

Upon opening or running a report, the Ribbon automatically switches to the View tab, which has a toolbar for printing, exporting, resizing, and viewing the report.

If you click the View tab without having opened a report, the Preview pane shows a blank page. If you click the View tab and you have run a report, the Preview pane displays the contents of the report.


Grouping bar

You can use the yellow bar above the grid to group, sort, and organize the reports list.


Report list/Preview pane

By default, this section is a grid that displays a list of SolarWinds Standard Reports. Upon selecting a different report category, the grid changes to list the reports that are in that category. You use this grid to select report that you want to run or schedule.

You can also filter and sort the grid to quickly find the reports you want to work with.

Upon opening or running a report, this section changes into a report Preview pane that displays the report. In Ribbon also automatically switches to the View tab, which has a toolbar for printing, exporting, resizing, or viewing the report.

When do I use LEM Reports?

Use Reports to perform the following tasks:

  • Run hundreds of pre-configured compliance and security reports.
  • Schedule reports to run automatically.
  • Filter the reports list by industry or requirement.
  • Run Master, Detail, or Top level reports based on your information needs.
  • Filter report data by values such as PC name, IP address, or user name.
  • Export reports into multiple formats:
    • Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
    • Crystal Reports (RPT)
    • HTML 3.2 and 4.0
    • Microsoft Excel 97-2000 (XLS)
    • Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF)
    • Report Definition and Text (TXT)
    • Tab Separated Text (TTX)

About this guide

The LEM Reports Troubleshooting Guide covers many reporting issues starting with LEM 5.7, up and including the most recent LEM release.

Use this guide to investigate and resolve Reports installation and operations issues. The guide provides tips and troubleshooting steps for resolving Reports issues such as:

  • Installations
  • Connections
  • Running reports
  • Report functions
  • Report error codes
  • Log analysis
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