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LEM RAM and CPU Recommendations

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by Craig O’ Neill on Sep 14, 2016

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This article provides brief information on LEM RAM and CPU requirements. 

As your LEM device count grows, the amount of data arriving to LEM grows too. The amount of Rules and filters may also grow. This will cause LEM to slow down. Your LEM will under perform.


All LEM versions



  • No unmatched data
  • No Windows Filtering Platform noise
  • Less than 500 rules firing per day
  • No agent connection issues
  • RAW (NDepth) database is disabled.


Note: If one or more of the above is true then you should resolve those issues with the SolarWinds Support Geek Team.


To calculate the amount of messages LEM you should run the Database Maintenance report and check the Overview on page 1 of that report.


Alternatively you can loosely calculate by running an nDepth search for 1 hour and multiply by 24:

15 → 35 million events/day 16GB of RAM & 4-CPUs
35 → 60 million events/day 24GB of RAM & 6-CPUs
60 → 90 million events/day 32GB of RAM & 8-CPUs
90 → 130 million events/day 64GB of RAM & 10-CPUs
130 → 200 million events/day 128GB of RAM & 12-CPUs





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