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Upgrade the connectors

Beginning in LEM 6.2.0, you can upgrade your connectors using the LEM console. For versions prior to 6.2.0, update your connectors using the CMC command interface.

Upgrade connectors using the LEM console

  1. Navigate to the Appliance grid on the Manage tab.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Connector Updates drop-down menu and select Update now.

    A message displays, confirming the update was applied.

Upgrade connectors using the CMC interface

The download requires approximately 3.6 MB of disk space.

  1. Download the current Connector Update package from the LEM Additional Components page located on the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Prepare the update package.
    1. Unzip the Connector Update Package file.

      The directory structure uses approximately 100 MB of disk space.

    2. Open the SolarWinds-LEM-Connectors folder.
    3. Copy the LEM folder to the root of a network share.

      For example: \\<server-IP>\<share-name>

      The connector locates the LEM directory under the root of the share.

  3. Connect to the LEM virtual appliance using a virtual console or SSH client.
  4. Access the cmc> prompt.

    If you are using a virtual console, scroll down to Advanced Configuration and press Enter.

    If you are using an SSH Client, log in using your CMC credentials.

  5. Update the connectors.


    Press Enter after entering each command.

    1. At the cmc> prompt, enter manager.
    2. At the cmc::manager prompt, enter sensortoolupgrade.
    3. Press Enter to begin the upgrade process.
    4. Enter your Windows destination share. For example: \\server\share:\\share\folder\
    5. When prompted (see below), enter your user name and password.
      • Please enter the username, including any domain information (e.g. DOMAIN\user):
      • Please enter the password:
  6. Verify that the configured connectors restart after the update by monitoring the LEM Console and searching for InternalToolOnline events in the default SolarWinds events filter.
  7. When the update is completed, enter exit twice to exit the CMC interface.


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