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View your appliance, console, and agent versions

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LEM virtual appliances require specific upgrade paths. When you upgrade the virtual appliance, SolarWinds recommends upgrading the desktop and reports console versions to ensure they connect properly to the upgraded LEM virtual appliance. During the upgrade, the web console is upgraded as well.

See Adjust the Global Automatic Updates setting for information about configuring Windows agents to update automatically.

The following table describes how to access the version for each component.

Component Procedure
Virtual appliance
  1. Open the LEM console and connect to the LEM virtual appliance.

    1. Open a web browser window.
    2. Enter the web console URL you received while configuring your VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V software.
    3. The default admin credentials automatically populate the login dialog box.
    4. Click Connect to log in.

      If you cannot log in, contact SolarWinds Customer Support.

  2. Click Manage and select Appliances.

    The version displays in the Details pane.

Desktop console
  1. Open the LEM desktop console.
  2. Click the SolarWinds logo in the upper-left corner to display the version number.
Reports console
  1. Open the LEM reports and click the Settings tab.
  2. Click Help and select About Reports to display the version number.
LEM agent
  1. Open the LEM console and authenticate to the virtual appliance.
  2. Click Manage and select Nodes.

    The current LEM agent version displays in the Version column.

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