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Additional LEM downloads for version 6.2

Created by Jason Dee, last modified by Steve.Hawkins on Aug 12, 2016

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This article provides a list of additional software components available for Log & Event Manager (LEM) 6.2.


  • LEM 6.2


After you install Log & Event Manager version 6,2, you may need to download and install additional pieces of software for further data collection and analysis. See the sections below. 

LEM Desktop Console

The LEM desktop console is identical to the web console, only you install it on a Windows computer. Download and install the Adobe AIR Runtime and/or Log & Event Manager desktop console if you want a locally installed version of the LEM console.

Note: Both items above are required to run the LEM desktop console. You do not need to download and install the runtime component if you already have it on your system for another application.


Deploying agents allows you to collect data directly from different operating systems, and to connect to the appliance for monitoring, notification, and response. After deploying agents, you can configure the desktop software from Manage > Nodesto enable your different data sources.

MSSQL Auditor

MSSQL Auditor allows you to audit Microsoft SQL 2000, 2000 MSDE, 2005, 2005 SQL Express, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2014 databases for changes and failed modification attempts. Install SQL Auditor on your MSSQL server or a remote system with SQL Profiler installed.

LEM Reports

LEM Reports is a standalone reporting application used to access alert information on the LEM database. Download and install the Crystal Reports Runtime and/or Log & Event Manager Reports if you want to run pre-configured security and compliance reports.

Note: Both items below are required to run LEM Reports; however, you do not need to download and install the runtime component if you already have it on your system for another application.

LEM Connectors

Connectors allow LEM to normalize the data it collects from your agents and network devices. Download and apply the LEM connector update package any time SolarWinds updates a connector you use, usually when Support informs you to do so. 

Note: As of LEM 6.2, connectors will be automatically updated daily if you have enabled that option under Manage > Appliances > Connectors Updates.

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