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Announcing NCM 7.7
With NCM 7.7, you can examine the rules that make up an access control list for a Cisco ASA device. Then you can apply filters to display only rules that meet the specified criteria, order the rules by line number or by the hit count, and much more.
See new features and improvements.

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LEM Third-Party Software List


Open Source Components

Component License
Debian (GNU GPL v3)
Adobe BlazeDS Adobe_BlazeDS_License.pdf
Balmsoft Wizard
DCPCrypt Cryptographic Component Library Open Source MIT License
Tomcat Apache_License_v2.pdf
Jetty Apache_License_v2.pdf, epl-v10.pdf
Snort (GNU GPL v2) Snort_gpl_v2.pdf
Lucene Apache_License_v2.pdf
Solr Apache_License_v2.pdf
Jrockit-jre (formerly BEA, now Oracle) BEA_jrockit_license.pdf
Sun-jre (now Oracle) jre-6u2-license.pdf
JavaMail JavaMailLicense.pdf
Bouncycastle Bouncycastle.pdf
JCE Oracle Binary Code License(…).pdf
Log4j Apache_License_v2.pdf
Postgres JDBC GNU_LGPv3.pdf
Oro Apache_License_v2.pdf
SAAJ cddl.pdf
SLF4J cddl.pdf
Tidy TidyLicense.pdf
Xerces Apache_License_v2.pdf

Other Components

Component License
Borland Delphi Version 7.0 (Build 4.453) Borland Software Corporation
TMS Advanced Menus and toolbars TMS Software (license available)
TAdvStringGrid TMS Software (license available)
Almediadev Visual Component Library BusinessSkinForm Version 5.61 Almediadev (license available)
Developer Express (license available)
Eschalon Power Controls for Delphi (license available)
fisNTELog.pas Fishouse (freeware license available)
HID components
JEDI components
MuliData (freeware license available)
PB Components 8.0 (license available)
Pipes Component (license available)
Synapse component Synapse_component.txt
TurboPower SysTools components (license available)
Crystal Reports XI Runtime License CrystalReports_license.pdf
Adobe AIR Runtime License AIR_ENU-DistributionAgreement.pdf,AIR_runtime_agreement.pdf
JScape SSH Factory Enterprise Developer License jscape SSH Factory Enterprise Developer License.pdf

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