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LEM reports generate, but show zero results

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Begin troubleshooting this issue by ensuring your time frames are set correctly. Then cross reference this data set with nDepth to make sure the data actually exists.

If your time frames are correct and you are able to verify the data exists, consider adjusting your Crystal Reports filters.

If you do not have Crystal Reports and have applied Crystal Reports filters with no results, try running the original LEM Report.

The following resolution is for those who already use and understand the full version of Crystal Reports.

Resolution - Check and update report filter conditions:

  1. Open the report template in a Crystal Reports IDE (Development Environment).
  2. Navigate to Report > Selection Formulas > Record.
  3. Ensure the events satisfy all the conditions stated there.
  4. Ensure the Reports Console Windows machine is in the same time zone as the manager.
  5. Check the time zone setting on an alternate machine or reset the time zone on the Windows PC

If you are still having getting no report results, perform an nDepth .csv export for the time frame for which you cannot generate reports. Reviewing the nDepth .csv data for that time period may provide insight into the issue.

When using a custom report, make sure the filter condition does not use special characters. Filters conditions can only use letters of the alphabet or numbers.

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