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Installing reports in LEM

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Updated January 25, 2019


This article provides information about installing reports as part of the initial LEM deployment.


LEM version 6.6 and earlier.


The Log and Event Manager Getting Started Guide talks about installing reports as part of your initial LEM deployment and how the reports are contained in the Desktop Software. You can also read on the installation procedures described in the Log and Event Manager Getting Started Guide.

If you are installing reports separately from the LEM installation, download LEM reports from the SolarWinds customer portal.

Download the same version of reports as the LEM (or SIM) version. Installing the wrong version of the reports results in an error.

Download either the combination package (LEM reports and Crystal Reports Runtime) or download the individual reporting applications, at the following locations:


LEM 6.6


LEM 6.5


LEM 6.4

LEM v6.3.1

LEM v6.2.1


LEM v6.2.0

LEM v6.1.0

LEM 6.X.X uses Crystal Reports 11 Runtime.

Older versions of LEM Reports are also available from the SolarWinds customer portal.

To install the report application downloaded from the SolarWinds customer portal:

Note: Be aware that security settings (and Windows User Account Control, or UAC) may restrict the install, especially if installing on Windows 8.x or Windows 2012-Rx.

  1. Extract the installer file(s) and place the installer on the local hard drive on the computer that reports will be installed on.
  2. If using the reports combination package, double-click the installer file to install both applications. Built into this installer is the Run as administrator feature to perform the install with required permissions.
  3. If you are installing the separate applications (Crystal Reports Runtime and LEM Reports), run the Crystal Runtime Installer first.
    1. Right-click each installer and select Run as administrator to launch the install. (This is not needed if installing on Windows XP or 2003.) Ensure that each installer file is copied to the local hard drive of the computer upon which it is installed.
    2. If installing on Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012-R2, right-click each installer and select the Compatibility tab to perform the install using Windows 7 compatibility.

If your installation fails:

  1. Make screenshots of the error.
  2. Verify Windows status for firewall or other application conflicts.
  3. Check for any errors logged to the Windows event logs.
  4. Uninstall both the Crystal and LEM reports applications.
  5. Remove the directory created for LEM reports, C:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds Log and Event Manager Reports\.
  6. Remove the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Business Objects directory.
  7. Download both the Reports and the Crystal Reports.
  8. Reinstall Crystal and LEMreports as described above. Remember to select the Run as administrator option to both install and run Reports.
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