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LEM Events Console

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Updated: December 11, 2018

The LEM Events Console provides instant access to live event monitoring and filtering as well as historical record archives for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. Within the console view, you can quickly switch between real-time event streaming and historical log views based on user-defined date and time parameters. In addition to live and historical keyword search options, all established LEM Monitor filters are accessible in the LEM Events Console Filters pane. You can access the console view by clicking Visit LEM Events Console in the top-right section of the LEM console.


Number Item Description
1 Events The Events table displays the events that exist for your selected filter, live and historical. The title bar displays the filter name you select in the Filters pane. In Live Mode, events stream into the viewer as they occur in your network. Enter Live filter keywords in tandem with the Filters pane to monitor specific activity as it occurs. Click Historical Search to apply filters and view your aggregated event logs.
2 Filters

All established LEM Monitor filters are accessible in the LEM Events Console Filter pane. The Filters pane displays all filters you can apply to the console event messages. All filters are stored in groups. To add a filter to the events table, click to expand a filter group, and then select a filter. The events table title changes to the name of the event and the grid refreshes and displays the incoming events allowed by the filter conditions. To create or edit filters, return to the Monitor view in the LEM console.

3 Toolbar Use the console toolbar to return to LEM, view your notifications, and access the Settings page where you can establish a maximum search threshold and user access configurations. You can also log out, and launch the Success Center.
4 Detail The Detail pane displays specific information about the last event you selected in the Events table. When you click an event, the event is highlighted in the Detail pane along with supporting information. To view the event details for a specific event, select the event in the event stream and review the results in the Detail pane. Click the Hide Panel icon hidepanelicon.png to collapse the pane, or the Show Panel icon showpanel.png to expand it. Click the csvicon.png icon to copy CSV- formatted event details to your system clipboard. You can also enter specific keywords in the pane to filter and view specific event data.
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