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CMC appliance menu

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Updated: June 5, 2018

The cmc::appliance> menu includes commands for managing network and system settings.

See About the CMC command line in LEM for information about using the CMC command line.

Type the appliance command at the main menu to open the cmc::appliance> prompt. Commands available from the appliance menu are listed in the following table in alphabetical order.

A üin the "Restart Required" column indicates that a command requires an automatic restart of the LEM Manager service. See Starting and Stopping LEM components for help.

Command Description Restart Required

Configures essential LEM features. This command should be run after you install the LEM license.

See Run the activate command to secure LEM and configure network settings for documentation.

checklogs Shows the contents of the LEM log files from sources such as syslog and SNMP.  
clearsyslog Removes all rotated and compressed local files.  
cleantemp Removes temporary files LEM created during normal operation. Run this command to recover used disk space, or at the suggestion of SolarWinds Support.  

Sets/shows the LEM VM's date and time.

dbdiskconfig Configures the database retention setting (that is, the percentage of free space for the database). This command requires an automatic restart of the LEM Manager service.


diskusage Checks disk usage consumed by the LEM Manager and several other internal components (such as the database or log files), and provides a summary. This information is included when you send SolarWinds Support information using the support command.  
diskusageconfig Sets the LEM Manager disk usage limit by the percentage of unavailable disk space or the amount of free disk space.  
editbanner Edits the SSH login banner.  
exit Exits the appliance menu and returns to the main menu.  
exportsyslog Exports the system logs.  
hostname Changes the hostname of the LEM VM.  
import Imports the SIM or LEM backup to the LEM.  
limitsyslog Interrogates and/or changes the number of rotated log files to be kept.  


Enables or disables the multimanager.

If you enable multimanager, some security scanners may generate cross-domain security warnings about LEM. If this feature is not required, keep it disabled.

setlogrotate Sets the syslog rotation frequency to either hourly or daily.  
netconfig Configures network settings for the LEM VM, such as the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS server(s).  
ntpconfig Configures the Network Time Protocol (NTP) service on the LEM VM for synchronization with a time server.  
password Changes the CMC user password.  
ping Pings other IP addresses or host names from the LEM VM to verify network connectivity.  
reboot Reboots the LEM VM.  
resetsystemmac Resets the MAC address of the LEM VM.  
shutdown Shuts down the LEM VM.  
top Displays and monitors CPU and memory usage, as well as per process information for the Manager Network Appliance.  
tzconfig Configure the LEM VM's time zone information.  
viewnetconfig Displays the LEM VM's network settings, such as the IP address, subnet mask, and DNS server(s).  
exit Exits the appliance menu and returns to the main menu.  
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