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Manage LEM widgets with Widget Manager: Add, edit, and more

Updated: September 15, 2017

Use the Widget Manager to manage your dashboard widgets.

About the Widget Manager

Widget Manager includes Widget Builder, which provides the tools you need to create new master widgets. Master widgets are widget templates located in LEM's Widget Manager categories list. Copy a master widget to the OpsCenter dashboard or to Monitor view to create a dashboard widget. Because all dashboard widgets operate independently of the master widget, editing a master widget will not impact the corresponding dashboard widget.

Using Widget Manager, you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete master widgets
  • Add or delete widgets from the dashboard

To access Widget Manager, click the Ops Center view and then click Widget Manager.

This screen capture shows the "Widget manager" portion of the Ops Center view in the LEM console:


Locate widgets

Widgets are stored in the Ops Center and Monitor views.

The Ops Center view stores all master widgets it in the Widget Manager Categories list. Dashboard widgets cannot be stored in the Widget Manager.

The Monitor view displays master widgets in the Widgets pane based on the filter you select as a data source. Dashboard widgets do not appear in the Widgets pane.

Add a master widget to the dashboard

You can add a copy of a master widget to the dashboard from the Widgets pane or Widget Builder. After you copy the widget to the dashboard, you can edit the widget as required. The original widget remains with its filter in the Categories pane.

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Click Ops Center to open the Ops Center view.

  3. Click Widget Manager in the Ops Center toolbar.

  4. Select a filter in the Categories pane.

  5. In the Widgets pane, select an available widget.

  6. Click Add to Dashboard or drag the widget to the dashboard.

    The widget is saved to the Ops Center dashboard.

    To re-position the widgets on the dashboard, drag them to a new position.

Edit a dashboard widget

You can edit a dashboard widget without affecting the corresponding master widget. During the edit, the Save to Dashboard option is disabled.

  1. Locate a widget in the Ops Center dashboard.

  2. Click File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEM/Log_and_Event_Manager_Administrator's_Guide/LEM_Administrator's_Guide/0690-Manage_LEM_widgets_with_Widget_Manager_Add_edit_and_more/button-edit-widget_27x12.png on the widget toolbar.

  3. Edit the widget in Widget Builder as required.

  4. Click Save.

    The widget is updated based on your new settings.

Delete a dashboard widget

Widgets can only be deleted from the Ops Center. You can delete dashboard widgets directly from the dashboard.

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Open the Ops Center view.

  3. In the dashboard, locate the widget you want to delete.

  4. Click icon-widgetclose.png on the widget toolbar.

  5. When prompted, click Yes.

    The widget is deleted from the dashboard.

    You can recreate the dashboard widget from the master widget.

Open a filter from a widget

  1. Click the Ops Center tab.
  2. In the dashboard, locate the appropriate widget.
  3. On the widget, click a chart element (line, bar, or pie wedge).

    The Monitor view appears, displaying the filter used for the widget data source.

    If your selected item does not appear in the Monitor event grid, modify the Scope setting in the widget.

  4. Click Ops Center in the top left corner to return to the dashboard.

Move (relocate) a widget

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Click the Ops Center tab.

  3. Click Widget Manager to close the Categories and Widgets panes (if required).

  4. Click and hold the targeted widget header.

  5. Drag the widget to a new location.

    The remaining widgets rearrange on the dashboard to accommodate the new location.

  6. Release the mouse button and drop the widget in the new location.

Resize a widget

To view a widget in full-screen mode, click maximize File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEM/Log_and_Event_Manager_Administrator's_Guide/LEM_Administrator's_Guide/0690-Manage_LEM_widgets_with_Widget_Manager_Add_edit_and_more/icon-widgetresize2_18x17.png in the widget toolbar. To return the widget to its original size, click maximize File:Success_Center/Reusable_content_-_InfoDev/LEM/Log_and_Event_Manager_Administrator's_Guide/LEM_Administrator's_Guide/0690-Manage_LEM_widgets_with_Widget_Manager_Add_edit_and_more/icon-widgetresize2_18x17.png again.

To resize a widget in the dashboard, click and drag the bottom right corner of the widget until your desired size is highlighted in the dashboard grid. When you release the mouse button, the widget adjusts to your new size.

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