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Add syslog and Agent nodes to LEM

Updated: September 15, 2017

This topic documents several different ways you can add syslog and Agent nodes to LEM so that LEM can monitor their events.

Add a syslog node to LEM using the "Add Node" wizard

Complete these steps to add a syslog node to monitor a network device. The wizard locates the new node for you and recommends the appropriate connector.

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Choose Manage >Nodes.

  3. Click Add Node.

  4. Select Syslog node.

  5. Enter the IP Address of the node.

  6. Select the node vendor from the list.

  7. Configure the node so LEM can receive syslog messages.

  8. Select the I have configured this node so that LEM can receive its Syslog messages check box.

  9. Click Next.

    LEM scans for new devices.

Use "Scan for new nodes" to find new syslog sources and add connectors

Use the Scan for New Nodes feature to configure and enable multiple connectors simultaneously.

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Click the Ops Center view and locate the Node Health widget.

  3. Click Scan for New Nodes in the widget toolbar.


    LEM begins scanning for new nodes in your network. If new nodes are found, the New Connector(s) found banner displays in the console. Otherwise, the No nodes found banner displays.

    This process may require several minutes to complete. During the scan, a message displays indicating that the scan is continuing in the background. A progress bar also displays at the bottom of the console.

  4. Click View Now.


  5. Select the recommended connectors you want to install, and then Click Next.

    Hover your cursor over the connector name for details.


  6. Review the Summary information, and then click Finish.


    The Nodes grid displays with the new nodes.

    Click Monitor to view the events collected from the new nodes.

  7. Click Manage > Appliances.

  8. Click and select Connectors.

  9. In the Refine Results pane, enter a keyword for your new connector.


  10. Locate your connector in the list.


  11. Click next to the connector and select Edit.

  12. Edit your connector settings as required, and then click Save.

    The node connector is enabled.

Manually add a new Agent or syslog node connector

  1. Open the LEM console. See Log in to the LEM web console or Log in to the LEM desktop console for steps.

  2. Click Manage > Nodes.

  3. Locate the nodes in the Nodes grid that are monitored by LEM.

  4. Click ewfeed1.png next to your targeted node and select Connectors.

  5. Search Agent nodes by category or use the search box to locate a node by keyword.

  6. Click ewfeed1.png next to a search result and select new.

  7. Configure the new node.

  8. Click Start to start the node.

Other ways to add nodes to LEM

You can add nodes from the Getting Started wizard by clicking Add Nodes to Monitor.


A dialog box prompts you to choose the type of node you want to add.

Click the drop-down menu, select an Agent or non-Agent node to monitor, and follow the instructions to add the monitored node.

You can also click Add Node in the Node Health widget to perform the same function.


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