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Set the date time and time zone on your LEM VM

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Updated: October 3, 2018

This topic describes how to synchronize the date and time settings on the hypervisor and the LEM VM.

The LEM VM is configured to synchronize with the hypervisor date and time by default. If the time is off by more than five minutes, the LEM rules will not operate properly.

  1. Open the CMC command line. See Log in to the LEM CMC command line interface for steps.

  2. Update the time zone in your LEM Manager:
    1. At the cmc> prompt, type appliance and press Enter.
    2. At the cmc::appliance> prompt, type dateconfig and press Enter.
    3. Press Enter, and then enter the current date in month/day/year format (MM/DD/YYYY).
    4. At the cmc::appliance> prompt, type tzconfig and press Enter.
    5. To configure the time zone, press Enter, and then follow the onscreen prompts.
    6. At the cmc::appliance> prompt, type exit and press Enter to return to the main menu.
  3. Update the time in your hypervisor:

    1. At the cmc> prompt, type manager, and then press Enter.

    2. At the cmc::manager> prompt, type viewsysinfo, and then press Enter.

      The system information info displays.

      Virtualization Platform: VMware
        Synchronization : Enabled  
        Hypervisor Time : 6 May 2016 09:07:31
        Guest Time      : Fri May 6 09:07:31 2016				
    3. Using the keyboard, scroll down to Hypervisor Time and change the date and time so they match the date and time in the LEM Manager.

      Press h for help with moving and line editing commands.

    4. Using the keyboard, scroll down to Guest Time and ensure that the date and time matches the same settings in the LEM appliance.

  4. Type Exit, and then press Enter.

  5. To exit the CMC interface, type Exit, and then press Enter again.

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