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LEM All Threat Events filter conditions

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Updated June 5, 2017


This article provides the default conditions used for the All Threat Events filter under the Security section.


LEM 6.2.1 and later


Name: All Threat Events

(OR)1st group{

(AND)2nd group{Asset Scan Result Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)3rd group{Auth Audit Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)4th group{Auth Suspicious Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)5th group{HostIncident.IsThreat == True}

(AND)6th group{HybridIncident.IsThreat == True}

(AND)7th group{Network Attack Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)8th group{Network Audit Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)9th group{NetowrkIncident.IsThreat == True}

(AND)10th group{Netowrk Suspicious Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)11th group{Policy Access Alerts.IsThreat == True}

(AND)12th group{VirusAttack.IsThreat == True} }


See the Default LEM filters conditions on the Web Console Monitor page article for a full list of available default filters in LEM.


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07:18, 6 Jun 2017