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Search LEM reports for specific text

Updated: September 15, 2017

The Reports window includes a search tool in the View tab to search for key words or phrases in text-based reports.


This tool only works when you are viewing a text-based view of a report in the Preview pane. You cannot use this tool with graphical-only reports, or the default graphical view that is displayed when you first run the report.

View the text-based details of a report

In the View tab, click the tree button to open the subtopics in the reports list. Click the content-based subtopic to jump to that section of the report.

Use the Search tool

  1. In the Reports window, open or run the report you want to view.

    The report displays in the Preview pane.

  2. Display the text-based details you want to search in the Preview pane.

  3. In the View tab, click Search.

    The Find form displays.


  4. In the Find what box, type the text you want to search for.

  5. Select Match whole word only to search for entire words that match, omitting matching letters within words.

  6. Select Match case to make the search sensitive to uppercase or lowercase letters.

  7. In the Direction area, select Up to search from where you are now to the start of the document. Select Down to search from where you are now to the end of the document.

  8. Click Find Next.

    The tool locates the next instance of the text in the report and highlights it for easy viewing.

  9. Continue clicking Find Next for each remaining instance of the text you want to find.

  10. Click Cancel to close the Search form.

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