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LEM AIX 6.2 Agent upgrade error

Created by Justin Rouviere, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When upgrading the LEM AIX agent to 6.2 the node disconnects and the following error appears in the SPOPlog.txt file: no such provider: IBMJCE


LEM 6.2 AIX Agent



The SWLEMAgent.lax file is pointing to the incorrect version of Java.



  • SolarWinds strongly recommends that you only edit the SWLEMAgent.lax file as instructed. Any additional modifications may result in system performance issues or may create an error state.
  • Save a copy of the original SWLEMAgent.lax file to your local drive as a backup file, in case you need to roll back later.


  1. After the LEM node disconnects after upgrading to 6.2 the SWLEMAgent service will be stopped.
  2. Modify the SWLEMAgent.lax file:
    1. Search for the string containing jre1.7.0_sr3fp1
    2. Replace it with jre1.7.0_65
  3. Start the agent service.
  4. Verify that the node connects in the Web Console.


Last modified
20:12, 22 Jun 2016