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High search results threshold can impact LEM performance

Updated: December 28, 2018


Initiating searches with a high maximum threshold can negatively impact LEM performance. On average, every 1000 returned search results consumes approximately 100MB of RAM, which can increase up to 10GB for one search query if the threshold is set to the 100,000 maximum. Predictably, executing multiple search queries simultaneously will add additional strain to system resources and cause diminished performance.


  • LEM 6.4.0


Lowering your maximum search threshold in the LEM Events Console can improve performance for individual and simultaneous search queries. To lower your maximum search threshold:

  1. On the LEM Events Console toolbar, click the Settings (gear) icon.
  2. On the Settings page, click the Search tab.
  3. Enter the maximum number of search results, and then click Save.

To return to the LEM Events Console, click Monitor.


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