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Home > Success Center > Log & Event Manager (LEM) > LEM - Knowledgebase Articles > User login fails and LEM is the source of the failed events

User login fails and LEM is the source of the failed events

Updated April 24, 2017


This article provides information when login fails and the LEM machine is the source of the issue. 


All LEM versions



The issue is caused when passwords are updated and old passwords are retained in the system.



  1. Check the Web Console for cached passwords:
    1. Click Manage > Appliances.
    2. Click the gear icon on the left of the window, and then select Connectors. 
    3. Select Configured to sort by Configured Connectors. 
    4. Review the Directory Services and Email Active Response Connectors. If the account exists, stop the Connector, and then edit settings.
    5. Save the new settings.
    6. Restart the connector.
  2. Check the CMC for cached passwords:
    1. Enter manager.
    2. Enter backupconfig and confirm your saved settings.
    3. If the account exists, re-enter the configuration.
    4. If the account does not exist, enter 6 to exit the menu.
    5. Repeat Steps 2a to 2d for archiveconfig and logbackupconfig.
  3. For versions 6.3.1, check the LDAP settings via the MVC page. See Set up Active Directory authentication in LEM.


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