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Home > Success Center > Log & Event Manager (LEM) > LEM - Knowledgebase Articles > Unknown Syslog Nodes named "POST", "GET" , "-" etc;

Unknown Syslog Nodes named "POST", "GET" , "-" etc;

Updated February 15, 2018


This article details an issue in which syslog nodes in LEM that are being created automatically with values like POSTGET, OPTIONS and '-'. You will also see the IP of the Agent creating the unknown nodes. 



  • All LEM Versions



The IIS logging values were not checked as described in Configure the IIS Connector in LEM, or the IIS server is causing this (see Step 2 in Resolution). 



  1. Verify all of the values are checked in the logging in the IIS server. 
  2.  If the first step does not fix the issue: stop the agent service and add the value UseLocalEnvironmentVariableForLocalHost=true to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ContegoSPOP\spop.conf and restart the service.


If this does not resolve the issue, check the IIS W3C Logging Fields and make sure that the "Server Name (s-computername)" is checked.




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