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Unable to apply the license key on LEM 6.3.0

Updated March 15, 2017


Unable to apply the license key to LEM version 6.3.0 and later.


LEM version 6.3.0 and later


This occurs because of changes to access options from users other than the administrator in LEM version 6.3.0+.


  1. By default, once LDAP or SSO has been enabled, the admin user will be disabled and must be enabled again to apply the license key. To enable the admin user, go to http://<LEMHostName>:8080/mvc/login.
  2. Log in using credentials with an LDAP or SSO user.
  3. Click LOCAL USERS.
  4. Move the slider to enable the admin user.
  5. Log in to the Web (or Adobe Air) Console using the admin user and go to Appliances in the Manage tab.
  6. Under the Properties section, select the License tab.
  7. Click Update License if the license activation is expired or if it is already set. Otherwise, you should see the Key, Name, Email, and Phone fields open to be edited.
  8. Add the required information.
  9. Click Activate.




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