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Scan for New Nodes function is finding mismatched or incorrect connectors for your devices

Created by Jason Dee, last modified by Abdul.Aziz on Aug 06, 2018

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updated Aug 06, 2018


In certain scenarios when you perform a Scan for New Nodes function within the LEM web console, you see additional connectors that are not a correct match for the device you're trying to gets discovered as well as shown(highlighted) in sample Scan node result image below:




  • All versions of LEM


  • This issue occurs when the format of the log data of your device is very similar in formatting to different devices, the LEM finds additional incorrect matches.


This is an ongoing issue with certain connectors.


The easiest workaround is to uncheck the connectors that don't match your device before finishing the wizard. The Scan for New Nodes function is entirely optional and not required to add new nodes - you can also add new connectors manually which will automatically detect new nodes for those devices.


If you wish to help us improve our connectors to mitigate this problem in the future, you can do so by submitting logs to us from the device that's generating the false positives. See Export log files using the CMC exportsyslog command.



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