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Repository synchronization failed probably offline

Updated January 17, 2018


You ran an automatic connector update from the LEM web console by selecting Manage > Appliance > Connector update. The update fails and you see the following errors in the repository.log file, even though LEM is on 6.3.1 HF7L.


(Thu Jan 04 10:11:34 GMT 2018) EE:ERR [ConnectorUpdateManagerImpl] {FlexGSA-20:303} Connector update package failed.

com.solarwinds.lem.update.UpdateException: Repository synchronization failed, probably offline

Caused by: com.solarwinds.lem.package_repository.exceptions.RepositorySyncFailedException: Repository synchronization failed, probably offline


Caused by: com.solarwinds.lem.package_repository.debian.DebianRepositoryImpl$CommandException: Command failed with error code: 255

ERROR: Failed to execute sync: Syncing of temporary repository failed

There is a direct connection to the Internet from LEM and running wget to works fine.

Pinging to any of the repo - DNS/IP's in sources.list works fine as well.


  • LEM 6.3.1 HF7


A firewall is blocking outbound apg-get requests to the lem-debian repo.


Check your firewall and either add exceptions to apt-get update commands or provide full outbound requests access to the following debian repos on port port 80:

deb                   squeeze                  main contrib non-free
deb   squeeze/updates   main contrib non-free
deb                  squeeze-lts             main contrib non-free



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