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Logs/Data partition is at or is near 100% full

Created by Jason Dee, last modified by James Moore on Aug 31, 2018

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updated Aug 08, 2018


Your Log/data partition which stores LEM database is full or almost full as reported in the cmc>appliance>diskusage command under normal operation, the oldest data in the database is rolled off once the LEM/Data partition gets to 90% full.


  • LEM 6.3.1 HF7 and below


  • You are running LEM v5.7. There is a bug in this version of LEM that causes the free space to be miscalculated so data is not rotated out.
  • There may have been a system crash or a file system error.
  • So much data is going into one syslog file that it becomes too large to rotate on a daily basis - so that log file grows unchecked until it fills the entire partition.


  • If you are currently running LEM v5.7, upgrading to the latest version should resolve the issue. See Upgrade path to the latest LEM version and SolarWinds LEM Upgrade Guide for more information.
  • If the issue is with some obviously large Syslog file you can follow to adjust the log rotation interval from daily(default) to hourly and delete the syslog file it too large by contacting support.
  • If you are running a different version ( up to 6.3.1 HF7) of LEM or the partition is still increasing in size after the upgrade, please open a support ticket with SolarWinds.


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