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Logon Failed. Database Vendor Code: -4001

Created by Justin Rouviere, last modified by Abdul.Aziz on Jul 13, 2018

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Updated July 13, 2018


This article describes an issue where you are unable to run reports using the Reports Console and you receive the following error:

Logon Failed.Details: [Database Vendor Code: -4001  ] Error Code: -2147189176


All LEM versions


  1. This error is caused by an authentication issue with LEM
  2. Installer app might be blocked by OS due to application trust policies being enforced



  1. On the LEM Reports Console, go to the Configure > Managers - Credentials and Certificates view.
  2. Update the credentials.
    • Use the credentials that you use to sign in to the Web Console.
    • If you use local.domain\username to sign into the Web Console, use the same username format and password here.
  3. Click the green plus icon to save your changes. The credentials will be blanked out, but are saved.
  4. Close and re-open the Reports Console.
  5. Re-run the report. 


In some cases it was found the installer was blocked by the OS if you tried to run from /temp or from network share directly due to certain application trust policies enforced. 


  1. Copy the Crystal Runtime and Reports console executables to local folder other than Temp
  2. Right click Crystal runtime and click properties and "Unblock" if required and then run the installer by using "Run as Administrator"
  3. Do the same for Reports console installer executable
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