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Logon Failed. Database Vendor Code: -1301

Created by Justin Rouviere, last modified by Jason Dee on Aug 01, 2017

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Updated August 1, 2017


You are unable to run reports using the LEM reports console and you get the following error message:

Logon failed.
Details: [Database Vendor Code : -1301 ]


All current versions of LEM.


This error is typically caused by a networking issue between LEM and the Reports Console. It may also be due to problems authenticating over TLS if you have that option enabled.


  1. Verify network connectivity from the machine with the Reports Console installed to LEM.
    1. From the Reports Console, open Configure > Managers - Credentials and Certificates view.
    2. For Manager name verify the host name/IP entered for LEM is correct.
      1. Verify that the host name resolves via DNS by pinging it.
      2. You can also just enter the IP address to bypass any potential issues with DNS resolution.
    3. If you use the Test Connection button here it will attempt to ping LEM.
      1. Note that this is a TCP Ping and blocked by most routers and may fail even though a valid connection can still be made.
  2. If you are able to successfully ping the host name/IP of LEM, verify the port is open.
    1. LEM Reports uses port 9001 to contact LEM.
    2. Use a telnet client to open a telnet session with port 9001 with LEM.
    3. If the connection is refused something is blocking the port.
      1. For an open connection with TLS disabled you should see:
        • HSQLDB JDBC Network Listener. Use JDBC driver with Network Compatibility Version2.1.0.0 and a JDBC URL like jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://hostname... 
      2. For an open connection with TLS enabled you will see the telnet connection go to a blinking cursor, but no messages will be returned.
        • This signifies an open connection, but no traffic will pass here because the connection is encrypted.
  3. Verify that LEM is not blocking a connection from that IP address via IP Restriction. NOTE: if you run a netstat on port 9001 and see only SYN_SENT as a status when trying a telnet connector or running reports, this step might resolve it.
    1. Open a PuTTY session to LEM manager on port 32022, and logon as cmc. cmc is the CMC account user name. If you are evaluating LEM, the default password is password. Log into your LEM appliance as the cmc user to perform backend LEM functions. Reset your CMC password after activating your LEM license.
    2. Enter service to access the Service menu.
    3. Enter unrestrictreports to remove any restrictions. The restrictreports command allows you to create a list of computers that are allowed to access LEM using the reports application. Follows the prompts to create a list of computers that can use Reports to access LEM
  4. In the Reports Console, go to Configure > Managers - Credentials and Certificates. If Use TLS connection? is checked, uncheck it, close the box to save, and close and reopen the Reports Console. Try running a report again. If it works, there is an issue with the certificate or TLS is not enabled properly. See Use TLS communication in the Reports Console.



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