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Linux (or Unix) Agent install to multiple servers

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Updated: August 8, 2016


Linux agent install will only install the agent on one Linux (or Unix) server at a time.

The Linux agent install can be copied and placed easily on multiple servers.


  • Any Linux or Unix group of servers (or workstations)
  • All versions of LEM


Use the normal Linux Agent install procedure to install the first agent on a Linux server.


1. With the agent installed on server1, copy the entire ContegoSPOP directory to a safe place:

cp  -ar  /usr/local/contego/ContegoSPOP  /tmp

2. Delete the spop subdirectory:

rm  -rf  /tmp/ContegoSPOP/spop

3. Create a 'tarball' for the ContegoSPOP directory (basically zip up into one file):

tar  cvfz  /tmp/linux-agent.tar.gz  /tmp/ContegoSPOP

You can now use WINSCP to copy the file to one or more Linux servers (to the /tmp directory).

4. Unzip the tarball on each server to the /tmp directory.

cd  /tmp

tar  xvfz  ./linux-agent.tar.gz

mkdir /usr/local/contego

mv  ./ContegoSPOP  /usr/local/contego/


5. To start the agent, enter:  /usr/local/contego/ContegoSPOP/swlem-agent  start


  • With the agent starting, it will start communicating to the LEM as defined in the spop.conf file, which has either the IP or host name of the LEM Manager.
  • The agent will connect to the LEM Manager and appear in the Node list.
  • The agent rebuilds the spop sub-directory, including getting the certificate (3 - .xml files, & 3 - .trigeo files), which allows secure communications of log data.


To configure the LEM Agent to start automatically on boot, add /etc/init.d/swlem-agent to your list of startup scripts.

The swlem-agent  startup script can be copied from the /usr/local/contego/ContegoPOP/swlem-agent.


(Note: It may be possible to bundle the agent installer using RPM, but this is currently not a supported method for the install.)



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