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LEM web interface takes a while to load or displays a connection refused error

Created by Randall Harwood, last modified by Jason Dee on Oct 25, 2017

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LEM web console displays an error when trying to connect via HTTP and HTTPS:





Page Cannot be Displayed


All LEM versions


This issue may be caused by the following:

  • The manager service has crashed or is not running
  • The current resource reservations are inadequate for your environment


  1. Restart the manager service.
    1. Connect to the CMC console. See Use an SSH client to connect to your LEM Appliance.
    2. Go to the manager menu.
    3. Run the restart command.
      Note: If the console starts loading after the service restart, the manager service likely crashed due to inadequate resources. See LEM goes down daily and requires constant restarts.
  2. Try connecting with a different browser and a different machine, if possible.
  3. Verify the network settings in your LEM is accurate by connecting to the CMC shell or virtual console and going to appliance > viewnetconfig.


Contact SolarWinds Support for further assistance.





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