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LEM Remote Agent deployment using Patch Manager issue

Updated June 19, 2017


This article describes issues and limitations during remote deployment of LEM Agent using a patch management solution either from SolarWinds Patch Manager or from a third party patch management vendor.


For example, The following issues occurred when deploying LEM agent using QDP using the local agent installer with -i silent switch.

  • The LEM Agent was deployed but the node is not displayed in the Manager Console and the Agent log indicates that it is unable to bind to This is because the file was not copied to the local machine and it instead created a temporary location there the files were copied. 
    (Wed Jun 14 13:56:58 BST 2017) EE:ERR [Communications] {ComModuleSpop:21} IP is null so cannot open connection to parent
    (Wed Jun 14 13:57:38 BST 2017) II:INFO [AgentMessageCentralImpl] {XML Communication Reconnector - 1:40} Trying to establishing connection from the Agent to the Manager on localhost/
    (Wed Jun 14 13:57:39 BST 2017) WW:WARNING [AgentMessageCentralImpl] {XML Communication Reconnector - 1:40} Unable to establishConnection with the Manager. Reason Connection refused: no further information: localhost/
  • Permissions and local policy settings have been exhausted on the agent machine deployed. 
  • Uninstalled and re-deployed via the QDP console and it resulted in the same issue.
  • Installing the agent locally works.


  • All LEM versions
  • LEM Agent 6.3.1


This is caused by multiple environmental issues depending on the vendor used.



Perform the following workaround during the deployment:

  1. Select the local agent .exe file instead of remote agent installer and add the -i silent switch while creating the deployment package.
  2. Download and save the file in the same folder where the .exe file is located.


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