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LEM Hotfix 2 installation error: no such file or directory


The following error occurs when installing Hotfix 2 for LEM 6.3.1 in CMC:

cp: cannot stat 'tmp/smb/lem-hotfix.deb : no such file or directory
cp: cannot stat 'tmp/smb/apply_hotfix.deb: no such file or directory
chown: cannot access '/usr/local/contego/scripts/apply_hotfix' : no such file or directory
chmod: cannot access '/usr/local/contego/scripts/apply_hotfix' : no such file or directory
[sudo] password for cmc :
Error: Hotfix installation failed. Details: sudo: /usr/local/contego/scripts/apply_hotfix: command not found




LEM version 6.3.1 with Hotfix 2


The file path was placed into the location of the Hotfix files.



  • Make sure to point LEM exactly where it should go to read the required Hotfix files. For example, this error can occur if the Hotfix folder has been unzipped and is placed in the following location:\\server\share\unzipped_hotfix_folder\hotfix 
  • However, in the CMC window, after entering Hotfix, and selecting network share, the following path is written instead: \\server\share\unzipped_hotfix_folder\. This means that LEM will go to the unzipped_hotfix_folder location \\server\share\unzipped_hotfix_folder and not be able to locate the Hotfix files, as those are in another subfolder.


To resolve this issue, enter in the following path in the CMC prompt instead:


This way, LEM is made aware that the Hotfix files it is looking for, is in the hotfix subfolder.

The Hotfix should then install successfully.


To determine if the Hotfix is now installed on LEM:

  1. In the CMC window, enter: manager
  2. Enter: viewsysinfo
  3. Scroll down until the version information. You should see the following:
    • SolarWinds manager version is::6.3.1
    • SolarWinds manager build is: Hotfix2


If there are any further errors, please contact the SolarWinds Technical Support.


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