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LEM - Top 10 issues

Updated October 2nd, 2017

Top 10 Issues in Log and Event Manager



How to create, validate, and test Rule

Because of the way LEM can react to specific events real-time traffic and fire rules to cause a specified action, a greater level of caution is needed when configuring rules.

Setting up connectors in LEM to receive syslog events

LEM has over 500 different connectors to receive log data from most common network devices and logs on a computer with the LEM Agent installed. The syslog can be confusing because log data is sent to a standard Syslog-NG application on the LEM. Avoid sending the wrong data to the right connector, or the right data to the wrong connector.

Getting Agents to connect with LEM

Agents are used to collect data on Windows, Linux and Unix computers, because Agents can handle a greater volume of traffic when the client computer requires it. Client computers are not always able to access LEM directly because of network routing and host firewall restrictions.

How can I create and use my own CA certificate

LEM has it's own self-signed certificates, but if a higher level of security is needed, a CA-signed certificate is required. Contact support for details. Here are some articles that help describe the certificate process.

How do I install and configure the reports application

The LEM reports application is a separate application that helps you satisfy auditing requirements, and provide detailed information about collected log data. Reports requires the additional installation of Crystal Reports 11 (runtime), and can also be configured to collect/transfer the data securely across the network.

Connecting the Web console to the LEM

Changes in browser security settings, use of proxy servers, and basic limitations in the volume of traffic that a browser can handle, will contribute to viewing the LEM GUI-console.

Understanding the difference in events between nDepth searches and Reports console

Understanding Windows events is a challenge by itself, and combining all other types of events from all other vendors is a far greater challenge. We are working on providing more information in this area.

LEM performance issues caused by improper configuration settings

A properly configured LEM can handle up to 200 million events per day, or 2,000 EPS (events per second). Conversely, limiting the 'reservations' (appropriate CPU and RAM) will result in poor performance and instability. 


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