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Integrating Synology NAS connector with LEM

Table of contents

Updated: September 28, 2018


This article describes how to install and configure the Synology cloud software connector in LEM.

For this connector to work, you must have at least LEM version 6.3.1 Hotfix 6.


  • LEM 6.3.1 HF6 and later
  • Connector revision #2


  • If you have LEM 6.3.1 HF6 and the latest connector update pack as of 23-Aug-2017, then you should see the Synology connector in your LEM appliance under agent nodes or Appliances.
  • If you do not see the Synology connector with an automatic connector update, then use the manual connector update as per steps here.
  • Once the connector update is applied successfully:
    • If using logging via the LEM Agent, go to the Synology agent node under LEM web console > Manage > Nodes > Select the node > configure connector > Search for Synology and configure the log location.
    • If logging via Syslog, go to LEM web console > Manage > Appliances > Select the node > configure connector > Search for Synology and configure the log location > The default location /var/log/user.log should be fine > Save and start the connector. After a minute or two you will probably see a "new nodes found" message in LEM console.


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