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Error: No IP address is assigned

​Updated September 7, 2018



The LEM console in Hyper-V displays one of the following error messages:

  • Device "eth0" does not exist.
  • The virtual appliance is successfully installed but a networking problem was detected.
  • No IP address is assigned.





By default, Microsoft chose Hyper-V to have dynamic MAC addresses. If LEM (or any Linux-based host) received a MAC address, the linux networking ties the MAC to the IP address. Therefore this particular VM needs the same MAC address to function.

If the LEM was shutdown, and any other VM was created, that new VM could grab and keep the MAC address that belongs to LEM. When LEM boots up, it cannot tie it's configured IP address to the MAC address that is now owned by another VM.


Hyper-V can be set to allow the LEM to have a static MAC address, and no other VM can take the MAC address.
This is a configuration change under Hyper-V.

As compared to VMware:
This will not happen with VMware, as ESXi will reserve (make static) the MAC address assigned to LEM.
No other VM can take the MAC assigned to LEM.



  • All LEM versions
  • All Microsoft Hyper-V versions


  1. On the LEM virtual console, select Advanced Configuration.
  2. At the cmc prompt, type appliance.
  3. Type shutdown, and then follow the prompts.
  4. In the Hyper-V Manager, select your LEM instance and go to the Settings.
  5. Highlight Network Adapter or Legacy Network Adapter and verify that LEM is using the proper virtual switch.
  6. Expand Network Adapter, and then select Advanced Features.
  7. On the right pane under MAC address, select Static.
  8. Click OK.
  9. no ip fixed.jpg
  10. Start your virtual machine.
  11. On the LEM virtual console, select Advanced Configuration.
  12. At the CMC Prompt, enter: appliance.
  13. Type resetsystemmac, and then press Enter.
  14. Enter yes, and then enter to reboot LEM.

On reboot, the LEM recognizes eth0 and applies the network settings to the interface. You should now see an assigned IP address or be able to configure one manually.


This issue is caused by Hyper-V using dynamic MAC addressing.

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