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Home > Success Center > Log & Event Manager (LEM) > LEM - Knowledgebase Articles > ERROR: You must upgrade to at least 5.6.0 before upgrading to this version. Current version: 0.0.0

ERROR: You must upgrade to at least 5.6.0 before upgrading to this version. Current version: 0.0.0

Created by James Nielsen, last modified by James Moore on Aug 31, 2018

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updated Jul 20, 2018


The following error(s) may appear while upgrading LEM from one of the upgrade paths applicable to your installation: 

Error: You must upgrade to at least 6.x.x before upgrading to this version. the current version is 0.0.0

Version.class Error.png





LEM 6.1.0 and later upgrades


  • This error occurs when there is a direct upgrade attempt to the latest version and the recommended upgrade path was skipped
  • If there are permission issues on /tmp or corrupt data on that partition


Issue 1 Solution:

  1. Locate the current version of the LEM:
    1. In the CMC Console, go to manager and run viewsysinfo.  
    2. In the Web or Desktop Console, go to Manage > Appliance.
  2. Download the upgrade package that matches the current version of your LEM.
  3. Extract the Trigeo and Upgrade folders to a shared folder.
  4. In the CMC Console, enter manager to go into the Manager menu.
  5. Enter scriptupgrade.
  6. Follow the prompts to specify a network share with your username and password.
  7. Once the command completes, it will return to the cmc> prompt.
  8. Confirm that the new LEM version you have downloaded is a valid upgrade path. See Upgrade path to the latest for LEM version.
  9. Enter and direct it to the network share containing the extracted folders of the LEM version you are upgrading to. It should now complete the upgrade. However, if you receive the same error message and it does not finish the upgrade, please contact SolarWinds Support.


Issue 2 Solution:

  1. Reboot LEM via cmc ->alliance -> reboot
  2. Stop the manager service via cmc -> manager -> stop 
  3. Clear everything from /tmp directory via cmc>appliance>cleantemp



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