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Configure Brocade Ironport series routers/switches

Updated: February 27, 2019


This article describes how to configure Brocade Ironport Series switches/routers in Log & Event Manager (LEM).


  • Brocade routers/switches
  • All LEM versions


The following sections will guide you through configuring Brocade Ironport series routers/switches.

Configure syslog on Brocade switch/router

Configure Brocade switch/router to send syslogs to LEM IP on UDP port 514 to a facility called local1. For more information, refer to the vendor documentation pages:

Determine if LEM is receiving data from the device

  1. Connect to LEM using a virtual console or SSH client.
  2. Access the CMC prompt:
    • Virtual Console: Arrow down to Advanced Configuration, and then press Enter.
    • SSH Client: Log in using your CMC credentials.
  3. At the cmc> prompt, enter appliance.
  4. At the cmc::acm# prompt, enter checklogs.
  5. Enter an item number to select a log file to view.
  6. Check each log file that is not empty for evidence that the device is logging to the appliance, such as the device's product name, device name, or IP address.

Configure the Brocade router/switch connector in LEM

  1. Log in to the LEM console.
  2. On the LEM toolbar, navigate to Manage > Appliances. 
  3. Next to the LEM Manager, click the gear icon, and then select Connectors.
  4. In the Connector Configuration window, enter Brocade in the search box at the top of the Refine Results pane.

  1. Next to the Brocade Connector you are trying to configure, click the gear icon, and then select New. Ensure the Log file location is set to /var/log/local1 (shown below as an example).
  2. Click Save.

    Note: local1 is based on what you configured in the first section above in your Brocade Switch/Router.

  3. Next to the newly configured connector, click the gear icon, and then select Start.

Configure a Filter to verify the data is coming in to LEM Monitor tab

  1. On the LEM console toolbar, click the Monitor tab.
  2. On the upper right of the Filters pane, click Create (big + sign on the left) > New Filter.

  3. Enter a name for the filter, such as Brocade switch and router.
  4. In the filters and groups list, click Event Groups > Any Alert, and then drag Tool Alias underneath the Conditions box to the right as shown below.

  5. On the lower right, click save. 

You should start seeing events coming into the "Brocade Switch Router" Filter. If you don't see them, generate some events on a Brocade router/switch and go to section 2 above to verify and check back the filter. If you still do not see any events in the Monitor tab, it is likely there is unmatched data.


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