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Configure Apache Error log connector in LEM

Updated February 27, 2019


This article describes steps to configure and troubleshoot the Apache Error log connector in Solarwinds LEM.


  • Apache 2.x Web Server on Linux/Unix/Solaris/Windows
  • LEM Agent

Steps to Configure the connector

  1. Install LEM agent on the Server running Apache Web server and ensure the Agent service is running.

  2. Get the absolute path for the Apache error_log file, the file name can be different for Debian/Redhat Distros.

  3. From LEM web console Manage -> Nodes -> Configure the Apache Error Connector on the Agent node and set the path with the exact. For example: 
    /var/log/httpd/error_log on CentOS7.x and /var/log/apache2/error_log on Debian
  4. Save the changes and Start the connectors as shown below.



The connector works for any Linux or Windows-based Apache Web server installation, as long as the correct path is configured and has permissions to read the error_log file by the user account running the "SWLEM-agent" service.


The connector is configured but not displaying the Apache error logs in LEM web console

  1. Make sure the connector is referring to correct filename and the path is the absolute path for error_log

  2. The connector is not out of date. Apply the latest connector update either manually or Automatically via LEM web console.

  3. Check permissions on error_log file and make sure the user running LEM agent service has read access to the file.

  4. In some cases, simply deleting and re-adding works.



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