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Checks to go through for LEM console login issue

Updated February 18, 2019


This article is an overview of some quick checks that a user can go over if they are unable to access the console for LEM.


LEM 6.2.1


There can be a number of causes for LEM console login issues. Wrong username, wrong browser version, not enough space in LEM to name a few.

This article will go through checks that can be carried out to rule out some of the most common possible causes.             


  1. Make note of the answers to the following questions, as they will help narrow down possible reasons why the issue occurs:
    1. Which version of LEM is in use?
      • If you are using LEM 6.2.1, please also make sure to also install Hotfix2 which is now available in the customer portal downloads.
    2. Is it only the web console? What about the desktop console? The desktop console is an additional optional method of accessing the LEM management console. It is not mandatory, but if able to login to it, then it can be used as a work around while the issue with the Web console login is being checked.
      • Check if there is a successful login to the desktop console.
        • Installing the LEM Desktop Console (optional)
          1. Download the Log & Event Manager Console .zip file from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
          2. Extract the contents of the .zip file and double-click the LEM Console installer.
          3. Click Install.
          4. Specify your installation preferences.
          5. Click Continue to begin the installation process.
          6. If you did not instruct the console to open after installation, open the desktop console.
          7. Accept the End User License Agreement, and then click OK.
          8. Enter the IP Address or hostname of the virtual appliance and then click Connect.
          9. Create a new password. The LEM Desktop Console requires that you change your LEM password after installation.The first time the LEM Console connects to the LEM Virtual Appliance, it prompts you to change your password. The password must be between 6 and 40 characters and contain at least one capital letter and one number.
          10. Enter your email address to use the SolarWinds Improvement Program to send anonymous data about your usage to SolarWinds. If you do not wish to participate, clear the check box.

          11. Click Save.
    3. Which username and account type being used to access the console? Does that user have the correct permission to access the console? Check out the user types here. Make sure it is not a user who doesn't have permission to access the console. If logging in with Active Directory User, make sure it is the right login format: you will not be able to log in to LEM using a short domain name. The only format you can use for logging in with a domain user is FQDN\USERNAME.
    4. Which browsers are used for the login attempt?
      • If using IE, check the two common culprits:
        • Go to  Internet Options > Advanced > Security. Uncheck Use TLS 1.2.
        • Check out this article here.
      • If using Chrome, make sure that you have the correct version.
      • Make note of the adobe flash version, and supported browsers
        • Flash player 15 and above.
        • Internet Explorer 8 and later. [The web console does not run  on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows server 2012].
        • Mozilla Firefox 10 and later.
        • Google Chrome 17 and later.
      • Is there a specific error message?
        • If wrong password message: request from the Admin of the LEM, if they are able to login, to check or reset the password.
    5. When was the last time there was a successful login to the console? Were there any major changes made to the environment during the time of the last login?
    6. What were the last four changes made in the environment that are tied to LEM?
      • Were any new devices added in before the issue occurred? If yes, then run checks for any new agents or network device(s) that have been added. This is to check what the new device(s) are sending to LEM. It could be that LEM has suddenly been flooded with new logs and it is attempting to process them all.
      • Were any changes made to the firewalls or proxies in the environment? Check that none of the important ports have been blocked by mistake.
    7. Check your diskusage in LEM. Login to CMC > Appliance > diskusage. Review what percentages the LEM partitions are in. Are any of them high percentages? If the partitions are at very high percentages 99% or even 100%, then this is the reason why the web console login is not working. The LEM is far too busy! Contact Solarwinds Technical Support for assistance if this is the cause.  The four partitions you will see:
      • LEM:
      • OS: 
      • Logs/Data:
      • Temp:
    8. Check your free memory on LEM. Login to CMC > Manager > viewsysinfo. Review how much memory is in Free Memory (MemFree) and compare it with the Total available (MemTotal).
      • Is there enough free memory or is it close to capacity? Restarting the manager service can temporarily free up some space to allow for some breathing room for LEM.
      • Check the Memory Reservations. Make sure that the memory reservation is equal to or more then the free memory amount. If the memory reservation is lower then the Free Memory, then go back to the VMware or Hyper-v  settings and make sure that it is set to the correct amount. (If using Hyper-v the memory reservation information is available instead on the virtual machine host's settings not in the diskusage section).
    9. Disable any anti-virus, anti-malware, or firewall/Internet Security software.


2. After these checks, if the console login issue is still occurring, contact Solarwinds Technical Support. Be sure to include as much information as you can regarding the checks that you have run. Please include printscreens of what you have seen so far as well.


  • Some extra checks to look at once the issue is resolved, if the issue was due to high partitions or memory issues: The following two points can cause a lot of busy activity in LEM. Be proactive and check these regularly to prevent any issues arising in the future:
    • Were there any new rules added to LEM?  How many rules were active in the LEM console? Make sure that you have the amount of rules under control, including the actions that are set for them.
    • Are there any unmatched data or newInternalTool information appearing? These can occur if the connector you have set up is unable to normalize the data coming in from a device. Basically it is unable to translate the entire message for you and lets you know via unmatched data. If LEM was unable to locate a valid connector for the new information, then it will let you know via newInternalTool, stating that this is new logs, and requires if possible, a new connector. 



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