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Buffer I/O error on device sdaX logical block XXXXXX

Updated June 23, 2017


LEM displays the following error when booting and drops to an initramfs(.busybox) prompt:

Buffer I/O error on device sdaX, logical block XXXXXX

The issue still persists even after LEM is rebooted and the root login prompt is not displayed. The only way to access LEM is through the Console directly from VMware/Hyper-V.



All LEM versions


This issue occurs when one of the physical disks develop bad sectors.


  • If rebooting LEM does not prompt you to log in as root to manually run fsck, reboot the host and run a disk check. Refer to your Hyper-V or VMware documentation on how to monitor failing disks.
  • Refer to Boot drops to a (initramfs) prompts/busybox (© 2017 Stack Exchange Inc, available at, obtained on June 23, 2017.) to identify and repair the bad superblock or sector.


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