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Agent uninstall error in LEM 6.3.1

Updated: October 5, 2018


Upgrading LEM (appliance) to version 6.3.1 allows the agents to be upgraded to 6.3.1 from LEM. A bug was discovered in that prevents uninstalling the Windows agent from Windows Programs and Features.

Error message:

Could not find a valid Java virtual machine to load.
You may need to re-install a supported Java virtual machine.


This will be fixed in the next version of the agent.


LEM 6.3.1, and agent version 6.3.1


The agent uninstall cannot find the new sand-boxed Java 8, so it cannot uninstall the agent.


There are two options to resolve this:

Option 1:

  • Use the LEM remote agent un-installer, which can be performed from a separate Windows machine, or from the computer that the agent is installed on.


  • Reinstall the agent over the top of the existing Windows agent, using the latest Windows agent installer (local installer or remote installer).
    a. Be sure to right-click the installer and select Run as administrator so the installer has the permissions to perform the un-install.
    b. Windows Programs and Features will now be able to uninstall the agent.
    Local agent installer
    Remote agent installer

Option 2:

  • Stop the LEM Agent Service on the node via Windows Service manager i,e Services.msc.
  • Delete the C:\Windows\Syswo64\ContegoSPOP.
  • Run the Remote agent installer using the Run as administrator.


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