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Home > Success Center > Log & Event Manager (LEM) > LEM - Knowledgebase Articles > Add timestamp to LEM backup files

Add timestamp to LEM backup files

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by James Moore on Oct 05, 2018

Views: 777 Votes: 1 Revisions: 4

Updated: October 5, 2018


This article describes how to add a timestamp tp LEM backup files.


LEM 5.7 and later


To create the file C:\TestBackups\TriGeoBackup20160526

cmc> manager

cmc::cmm# backupconfig

Current backup configuration:

              Server :

            Username :

            Schedule :

         Append date :

Schedule Options:

        1. daily        Perform daily backup at 6:25AM

        2. weekly       Perform weekly backup Sunday at 6:47AM

        3. monthly      Perform monthly backup the first of the month at 6:52AM

        4. never        Unschedule configured backup

        5. once         Run a one-time backup

        6. exit         Exit configuration

Select option for backup menu (1-6): 3

        shared folder name (e.g. \\server\share): \\DOM-AIN-TEST-01\TestBackups

        username (e.g. DOMAIN\backupuser): DOM-AIN-TEST-01\administrator

        password:<ENTER  administrator  PASSWORD HERE>

Share credentials validated.

Append date to end of filename? (Y/n)? y

Backup configured to run monthly.

Would you like to run the backup now? <y/N> y

Running backup, please wait...

2016/05/26 04:25:32: Checking for other running processes

2016/05/26 04:25:32: Checking backup schedule with monthly...

2016/05/26 04:25:32: Not checking schedule, assuming on-demand backup.

2016/05/26 04:25:32: unmounting old shares, in case any stale shares exist.

2016/05/26 04:25:32: mounting share \\DOM-AIN-TEST-01\TestBackups with user administrator on domain DOM-AIN-TEST-01 to mount point /tmp/smb


Successfully mounted //DOM-AIN-TEST-01/TestBackups as user administrator using NTLMSSP

2016/05/26 04:25:32: Beginning dump of /usr/local/contego to /tmp/smb/TriGeoBackup20160526

2016/05/26 04:25:32: First I will do a touch test of TriGeoBackup20160526 to see if I can create the file

2016/05/26 04:25:32: Starting backup to TriGeoBackup20160526





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