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Internet Explorer fails to connect to LEM after 6.3.1 upgrade

Updated: September 3, 2016


When the LEM is upgraded to 6.3.1, IE (Internet Explorer) may not be able connect to the LEM. 
A new certificate may need to be created to establish console communications.

This procedure assume that this LEM is using the Self-Singed-Certificate, and not a CA assigned certificate. This issue is not seen when using Firefox or Chrome to access the LEM.


  • LEM version 6.3.1 and later 
  • This applies to customers who are using the self-signed certificate



This is because the certificate expired, and IE automated certificate has cached an expired certificate.



  1. Open the Vsphere console connection (or putty session) to the LEM.
  2. Enter the manager menu.
  3. Enter the confselfsignedcert command to reset the certificate.
  4. Wait for the LEM to restart the manager service.
  5. Open Internet Explorer and access the LEM:




Last modified
23:16, 2 Oct 2016