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Integrate NetApp or EMC SAN with SolarWinds LEM

Updated March 11th, 2016


This article provides steps on integrating SolarWinds LEM with NetApp to audit files. These steps also apply to EMC SAN.


All LEM versions

NETAPP Cannot be in cluster mode. It must be in 7 mode.



Integration configuration requires the following components:

  • NetApp with CIFS auditing turned on and an administrator account for monitoring
  • A Windows machine that has:
    • The NetApp administrator account with local administrator privileges
    • The LEM agent with the service setup to log on with the NetApp administrator account
  • The connector installed and configured on the manager

Enabling CIFS

For the NetApp OnTAP hardware or simulator, you must have CIFS enabled and running. In OnTAP, enter the following command to enable all CIFS auditing:

options cifs.audit.liveview.enable on cifs audit start

To audit only selected portions of CIFS, please refer to Configuring Data OnTAP for CIFS Auditing (© 2016 NetApp, available at, obtained on April 25, 2018.) on the NetApp website.

Configure the NetApp user

To configure a NetApp user with administrator rights to NetApp:

  1. On the Windows machine monitoring NetApp and go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
    1. Open the SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Agent service properties.
    2. On the Log On tab, click This account radio and enter the username and password of the NetApp user.
    3. Click OK and restart the service.
  2. Add that same user to the Windows machine that will be monitoring NetApp. This user also needs local administrator rights on the Windows machine.

Install the connector

To install the connector on an agent:
  1. In the LEM Console, go to Manage > Nodes.
  2. Find and select the Agent Node that will monitor NetApp:
    1. Click the gear icon and select Connectors.
    2. In the search box, type netapp and find the connector. The connector displays as NetApp under Operating Systems.
  3. Click the gear icon and select New.
  4. In the Computer UNC field, enter the path to the NetApp machine. The UNC should be \\hostname or \\ipaddress with nothing after it.
  5. Save the connector configuration and start the connector.



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