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Install LEM (Adobe Air) Console

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Created by Cory Farr, last modified by Jared.Jackson on Jul 05, 2017

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Steps to install the LEM (Adobe Air) Console.


All LEM versions


1. Install the Standalone (Adobe Air) Console for the LEM:

a. Download and install Adobe Air from

b. Download the Standalone Console Installer for the current version of your LEM.

c. After the Standalone Console Installer is downloaded, place the installer onto the local drive of the system you are installing the Console to and then double click the installer file.

d. Set up your LEM Appliance in the Manage>>Appliances section by clicking on the + button on the top right and select "Advanced Properties".

e. If you have not set up a user on the LEM and you have access to the admin user, you can use that to login to the console, otherwise you can use the LEM user that you have set up previously.

f. If you prefer to use the secure port to access the LEM, change the port number to 8443.

g. If you are on a LEM instead of a SIM, choose Virtual from the Model section.

h. Save your login information and login to the LEM.


2. Import SSL Certificate from LEM.

a. Export your LEM's SSL Certificate (if not exported during activation) using the exportcert command from the Manager section of the CMC. 

SSL Certificate

b. Then double click the certificate from your local machine and import it to your Trusted Root Certificate Authorities as well as the Trusted Publishers.


SSL Certificate For the LEM

















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