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How to send LEM debugging information to Support

Created by Erin Stenzel, last modified by Tim Rush on Oct 25, 2016

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When requested, use the debug command on your LEM virtual appliance to pull debugging information from the appliance to send to Support. These files are made up of a collection of log files that will assist Support to troubleshoot your issue. 


  • Log & Event Manager (LEM), all versions



Pulling the Debugging Information

To pull debugging information from you LEM virtual appliance:

  1. Connect to your LEM virtual appliance using either the vSphere "console" view, or an SSH client like PuTTY using port 32022 (port 22 is also available if version 6.3.1 or newer)
  2. If you are using an SSH client, log in to your LEM virtual appliance using your CMC credentials established during activation or changed anytime later.
  3. At the cmc> prompt, enter manager.
  4. At the cmc::cmm prompt, enter debug.
  5. Press Enter and specify whether you want to send the debugging files as an email or save them to a network location. Note: When you choose to send the debugging files in an email, send the files to yourself first, and while it is possible to forward to Support, our CRM application is limited to 5MB attachments.
  6. Follow the prompts to generate the files.
  7. Verify the script generated three files: a .tgz file, a .log file, and a .txt file. Support only needs the .tgz  file, but sending all 3 files .tgz, .log, .txt) is fine. Note: None of these files contain any Alert data or other data from your LEM database.
  8. Enter exit to return to the cmc> prompt.
  9. Enter exit to log out of your LEM virtual appliance. 


Sending Your Debug File to Support

To send the debug files to Support:

  1. If sending just the .tgz file, it is already compressed. If sending all 3 files we recommend collecting all 3 files above in a compressed folder (i.e. a .zip file).
  2. If your .zip file is 5 MB or smaller, you can email the file directly to your existing Support case or create a new case with Support. Note: If you have already established email communication with Support about this issue, please reply to the existing email thread.
  3. If your .zip file is greater than 4 MB, complete the following procedure:
    1. Navigate to
    2. Click Secure Upload.
    3. Enter in the Recipient Email field.
    4. Click Start.
    5. Complete the Secure Upload form and click Select files to send (Regular Upload).
    6. Click Choose File and select a debug file to be uploaded.
    7. Click Open.
    8. Repeat this process for all debug files you want to send to Support.
    9. If you have finished selecting files, click Upload & Send. 
      Be sure to reply to the email to let Support know that the files are ready to be picked up.


Note: Support is not automatically notified when you upload files to the Secure File Exchange website. If you have already established email communication with Support about this issue, please reply to the existing email thread to notify them that you have uploaded the files. Otherwise, place a similar comment in your case.




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