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How To configure a Windows Sysmon connector on a LEM appliance

Updated December 5, 2017


This article describes how to configure the Windows Sysmon connector and set up your LEM Web Console to communicate with the connector. 


  • LEM 6.3.1 and higher


To set up the connector:

  1. Add a registry key.
  2. Create a new connector on the LEM appliance

Add a registry key

  1. Log in to the node or agent machine and open the registry editor (Regedit.exe).
  2. Navigate to:
  3. Right-click EventLog > New Key.
  4. Enter the following name for the new key:

Create a new connector on the LEM appliance

  1. On your LEM appliance, log in to the LEM Web Console or Air Console.
  2. Select Manage > Nodes.
  3. In the Nodes screen, select the Windows Node that requires a connector.
  4. Click gear.png next to the node and select Connectors. 
  5. In the search box, search for:
  6. Select the connector.
  7. Click gear.png and select New.
  8. Select the new connector.
  9. Click gear.png next to the connector and click Start. 




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