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Export or forward data from the LEM database

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Updated December 14, 2016


This article discusses exporting, forwarding, or dumping data from the LEM database.



All LEM versions


Because LEM is designed as a security appliance and an endpoint solution, it isn't possible to export, dump, or forward data from its database to an outside destination outside of the various backup tasks you can configure.
For example, you can run a backup task to save the database to a network share in a proprietary format.
In addition, you can save tarball files of raw syslog events LEM has recently collected.

LEM can forward syslog data, as it is being collected by LEM's syslog server. LEM currently does not have an end-user configuration for forwarding syslog, so you will need to contact Solarwinds support to assist with this configuration. Once the data is stored in the database, the data cannot be forwarded or exported.


For information on configuring the backup jobs, see Configure Backups on your LEM Appliance.




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