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Event results in a report don't show the correct data for that time window

Created by Jason Dee, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides steps to resolve the issue of reports not showing the correct event data for the time window. After running a report, you may notice discrepancies in the event data, such as missing events. The report may also come back empty even when you know there are events.



  • All LEM versions
  • All Reports Console versions



The issue is caused when the time or time zone on the virtual appliance is not accurate.



  1. Open a hypervisor virtual console or an SSH session to your LEM. See Use an SSH client to connect to your LEM Appliance.
  2. Go to the appliance menu and run dateconfig.
  3. Press Enter three times to display the current system time and time zone.
  4. If the time is not correct, you can specify it manually by running dateconfig again, or you can configure NTP server(s) using ntpconfig. If the time zone is incorrect, please run tzconfig.
  5. If the time and time zone check out, please contact SolarWinds Support.





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