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Create a rule or alert to notify failed Windows Update events

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Updated February 14, 2017


This article describes how to create an alert or rule for failed Windows Update events.


  • All LEM versions
  • All LEM agents


You can use the Clone option and enable the feature in LEM to enable theWindows Update Failure rule to track failed Windows Update events. The default action for this rule is to generate a HostIncident event, which can be modified to send email alert by using the Send Email Message under actions pane on the left.

  1. Open the LEM console and log on to LEM using an administrator account.
  2. Click the Build tab and select Rules.
  3. Enter Windows Update Failure in the Refine Results pane search box.
  4. Click next to the rule and select Clone.
  5. Select the folder where you want to save the cloned rule, and click OK.
  6. Select Enable in the Rule Creation window, and click Save.
  7. On the main Rules screen, click Activate Rules. The rule should be enabled now.

Note: Make sure that the LEM Windows agent is installed on the machine where you are monitoring failed Windows Update events.



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