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Manually activate license keys for Kiwi products

Table of contents

Updated October 31, 2018


This article provides steps to manually activate licenses for Kiwi Syslog Server or Kiwi CatTools. Manual license activation is necessary if your server does not have internet access or is having activation issues due to a proxy server.


  • All versions of Kiwi Syslog Server
  • All versions of Kiwi CatTools


  1. Open the Service Manager > Help > Enter License Details.
  2. Click Enter Licensing Information. The activation wizard opens.
  3. Select This server does not have internet access. Guide me through offline, manual activation, and click Next.
  4. Click Copy Unique Machine ID.
  5. Paste the Unique Machine ID into a text editor document. You will use this ID in the next step.
  6. On a computer with internet access:
    1. Login to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
    2. Browse to Licenses > Manage Licenses.
    3. Locate the Kiwi product you are activating.
    4. Click Activate license manually.
    5. Enter the required contact information. The activation key is entered for you and cannot be changed.
    6. Enter the Unique Machine ID copied from Step 3.
    7. Click Generate License File to download your license key (.lic) file.
  7. Save this file to a location on your product's server.
  8. Reopen the activation window and click Browse next to the License Key File location field.
  9. Navigate to the saved license file, and click Open.
  10. Click Next to apply the key.
  11. Once the activation has been confirmed, click Finish.
  12. Click Restart Syslog Server.



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